About us

Meet our Company

Afoi Svolopouloi metal industry with a steady presence to the
Greek market continuously for sixty years, creates its own Greek
products with basic factor quality and reliability. All the above
make the company really competitive. What makes us really proud
is that production and designing of the products take place in our
facilities from people that really love their work, have knowledge
of what they have to do and respect the needs of the consumer.
Founder of the company was Chris Svolopoulos, with
full occupation in the metal industry field since 1936.


He creates his first company with making moulds in his own building in 1954. During his
course he turns his interest in making gas stoves for industrial and domestic use. His
experience that came after hard work in metal industries in combination with his ability
to make moulds gives him the necessary knowledge to design and make the first gas
stoves in Greece, which he supplied to small and bigger companies.


In the beginning of 1962 he starts the cooperation with
PETROGAZ S.A and manages to become one of its basic
suppliers in gas appliances. That had as a result a solid
cooperation that evolved and lasts in time since nowadays.


The rising needs of the production led us in building
a new place. We moved in 1971 and remain till today.


In 1995,the offspring of Chris Svolopoulos, Alexander and
Konstantinos Svolopoulos appear and decide to work in the
specific field.


They want to keep the company first and powerful, so in 2008 they move
towards to the importing and commercial field,achieving in that way the
evolvement and enhancement of their company profile.


With consistency and responsibility in the field of gas products, we decide
to certify them according to the directions of the European Union.


Our occupation with making and merchandising all kind of gas appliances make us really competitive, and
the reliability that we have won after sixty years in the Greek market, gives us the opportunity to conduct the
commercial field with the most reliable and experienced collaborators.